Detecting explosives on land

Bodac has years of experience in explosive detection and is a reliable partner when it comes to tracing and securing explosives.


Detecting explosives on land

The Dutch soil is full of explosive remnants for war (OOs). This largely concerns remnants from World War II. And even though the conventional explosives have been lying there for years, they can form an acute danger on any given day. For example, due to agricultural ground work or construction projects. Den Ouden Bodac is specialised in tracking down and securing explosive remnants of war (CS-OOsO).

When is research into dormant explosives necessary?

If it can reasonably be assumed there are explosive remnants of war in the soil of the planned (construction) area, the client is required to carry out preliminary research. Only a certified company may carry out this research even thought the obligation is the responsibility of the client. This is where we play a key role in making the sure the soil is safe for construction projects.

What is the preliminary research comprised of?

The preliminary research into explosive remnants of war or conventional explosives inventories the details of the suspect areas. This takes place on the basis of historical research. For this, we consult various sources, including the conventional explosives soil pollution map. The preliminary research must meet the certification schedule for the detection of explosive remnants of war (CS-OOO). We may not begin with the detection and tracing work until the suspect areas have been properly mapped out. With thorough preliminary research you can prevent having to carry out expensive additional research (unnecessarily) later.

Who is allowed to detect and secure conventional explosives?

There are strict rules that apply to the detection of dormant explosives. Naturally, this requires specialised work and a precise approach because of the great risks involved. As well as the immediate danger that dormant explosives present to employees and the surroundings.  We are a CS-OOO certified company. This means we are entrusted with the safe detection of explosive remnants of war.

Surface detection and depth detection of explosive remnants of war

Once we have inventoried all of the suspect areas, we can accurately determine the precise location of conventional explosives. There are various detection methods for finding dormant explosives. Bodac has years of experience in surface detection and depth detection and is a reliable partner when it comes to the detecting and securing explosives.  Which detection method we choose depends on various factors. These may include the type of explosive we expect find, the depth, the size and the circumstances at the detection area. We use any one of the following methods:


Manual surface detection

Digital surface detection

Depth detection

A thorough detection method will prevent having to halt construction work later

As a client, you always want to prevent risks that may arise during execution. Or that the work has
 to be stopped at some point. We have years of experience in searching for explosives. Only the very best specialists carry out our research studies, risk analyses and detections. We always deliver top quality. And that is why we are a reliable partner when it comes to detecting and securing explosives.


About Bodac

Bodac is happy to help you with a (historical) preliminary investigation, a detailed approach to your specific situations and an explosives investigation.

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