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Den Ouden Brabob takes care of qualifying, excavating and transporting (circular) soil and dredging streams.

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Three main activities

Because of the complex environmental regulations, managing soil and dredged material flows is a specialty. Thanks to our years of carefully built up knowledge in this field, Brabob has grown into an organization with the following main activities:

  • Supply or disposal of large volumes of sand, soil and building materials for civil engineering
  • Commercially direct, coordinate and manage material streams such as soil, dredged material, mineral waste and alternative building materials in the construction and civil engineering sectors
  • Soil cleaning, immobilization and soil banking activities under ministerial approval to that effect 


Brabob started trading in soil streams, dredged material, mineral waste and building materials in 2001. Specializing in reuse of raw materials and soil remediation, the company Grondbank De Kempen was established in 2007. In 2019, both companies were acquired by Den Ouden Group and merged into one entity.

Quality improvement

Brabob is certified in accordance with applicable (international) standards and national assessment guidelines and holds the necessary national and international accreditations. We continuously strive for quality improvement. In this way, Brabob adapts quickly to the ever-changing conditions imposed by the client, the government and the market.

Eye for detail

Brabob is close to its customer. We share our knowledge and experience in the field of circular soil flows. Your project risks are manageable for us as a niche player. We are guided by your needs. With an eye for detail and expert advice. We stand for knowledge and professionalism and always think in terms of solutions!

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