Den Ouden Brabob


As an independent risk manager, Brabob offers a total concept. With this concept, we can eliminate your execution risks. Our package consists of supporting and facilitating customers with the qualification, excavation, transportation and application of reusable soil and dredging flows, the processing of consignments of contaminated soil and dredging sludge and the flawless management of environmental risks that accompany large-scale projects. Thanks to our expert insight, you will have more control over your material flows and project risks. In addition, we also guarantee optimal project results.

Three main activities

Due to complex environmental regulations, managing soil and dredging sludge flows has become our speciality. Thanks to our years of carefully accrued knowledge in the field, BraBoB has grown to become an organisation that carries out the following main activities:

  • The supply or delivery of large volumes of sand, soil and building materials for the construction of groundwork, roads and water works.
  • Commercial support, coordination and management of material flows including soil, dredging sludge, mineral waste and alternative building materials in the construction and civil engineering sectors.
  • Soil purification, immobilisation and land bank activities under ministerial approval.

Historical origin

In 2001, BraBoB started trading in soil, dredging sludge, mineral waste and building materials.
The Grondbank De Kempen company was founded in 2007 by specialising in the reuse of soil and soil purification. In 2019, both companies were taken over by the Den Ouden Group and fused to form one entity.

Quality improvement

BraBob is certified according to the applicable (international) standards and national assessment guidelines and also possesses the necessary national and international accreditations. We are constantly striving for quality improvement. This is how BraBoB is able to quickly respond to the constantly-changing conditions that customers, the government and the market demand. 

Eye for detail

BraBoB is in close contact with its customers. We share our knowledge and experience. As a niche player, your project risks are well-manageable. We are in tune with what is happening at your company. With an eye for detail and professional advice. We are all about knowledge and professionalism and we are fully geared towards finding solutions!

Want to know more? Contact BraBoB: +31 (0)40 - 2055810