Biostimulant Fertiplus® Fulvic+

Increases root development, nutrient uptake and abiotic stress tolerance

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Fertiplus® Fulvic+ is a valuable additive to your standard fertilizer plan. Where NPK fertilizers are necessary to ensure plant production and soil fertility, Fertiplus® Fulvic+ boosts fertilizer uptake, plant natural processes and soil life. Fulvic acids are small organic compounds, naturally present in the soil and play an essential function in soil quality. Together with humic acids they form the group of humic substances. Fulvic acids are soluble in water and act directly on plants by stimulating key processes and improving their overall functioning. This biostimulant can both be applied by drip and foliar application. Also it can be added in tankmixes with insecticides and fungicides, Fulvic+ promotes improved effects of these products.

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Benefits & Advice

Fertiplus® Fulvic+ performs best when used in combination with other liquid fertilizers. It improves the effectivity of foliar fertilizers. It reduces the possibility of burn damage by foliar fertilizers because of its buffering capacity. Soil applications are specifically profitable when organic matter content and soil life activity is poor. In this situation natural fulvic and humic acids will occur less, which can be compensated by Fertiplus® Fulvic+. This soil applications will stimulate soil life activity and humus building processes. It also deblocks and chelates soil minerals like P and Fe and important trace elements like Zinc and Manganese.

  • Increased root development
  •  Chelating function of micronutrients
  •  Increased nutrient uptake
  •  Increased chlorophyll content
  •  Increased abiotic stress tolerance
  • Increased soil life
  •  More energy for fruit development

Combine Fulvic+ with every foliar fertilizer for increased efficiency. Top dress or soil application of Fulvic+ days before critical plant growth stages, ensure mineral availability from the soil profile.


Fertiplus® Fulvic+ is very easy to use. As a soil application it can be applied by (drip) irrigation, at fertigation, and it can be sprayed broad acre with a field sprayer. As a foliar application Fertiplus® Fulvic+ can be combined with all fertilizers. It can also be combined with most systemic crop protection products. Be aware that it can influence the effectivity of the application. Do not mix with selective herbicides. Foliar treatment with Fertiplus® Fulvic+ lowers abiotic stress during high temperatures, drought conditions and too high salt levels.

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