Fertiplus® Compete

Improves rhizosphere, ensures effiecient usage of minerals, degradation of organic matter

Product sheet

The microbial basis of Fertiplus® Compete exists of essential bacteria and fungi for healthy plant deve-lopment. The bacteria buffers and supports efficient use of minerals in the soil. Specific strains are selected for their chelating properties, increase in biomass and degradation of organic matter. Other strains are selected for their support on increasing plant tolerances for abiotic stress. Tolerances can be increased due to specific acids, fixation of atmospheric nitrogen and water buffering.

The Trichoderma in Fertiplus® Compete is especially selected for its plant growth promoting effects and increase of dry matter. In addition, this strain also positively supports the chlorophyll content in plants. Bacterial and fungal strains are supported by natural fulvic substances and organic catalysts in order to guarantee fast colonisation and growth in the rhizosphere.


  • Improved rhizosphere
  • Chelating effect of trace elements
  • Efficient usage of minerals
  • Degradation of organic matter
  • Increased tolerance for abiotic stress
  • Supports climate proof crops
  • Natural nitrogen fixation
  • Fully soluble


tabel fp compete

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