Fertiplus® Liquid 7-2-2

Liquid Organic Fertilizer with 21% Amino Acids

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Fertiplus® Liquid 7-2-2 can be applied to all types of crops, it is extremely effective for plants during fast vegetative growth. Fertiplus® Liquid 7-2-2 contains a sophisticated combination of fast and slow releasing nitrogen. This makes the liquid fertilizer able to stimulate the plants health and soil life for more than three weeks. The product contains macro and micro elements, as well as amino and humic acids. It can be applied through flood irrigation and drip irrigation but the most effective way to apply this fertilizer is foliar application. Fertiplus® Liquid 7-2-2 is available in 1L, 5L, 20L cans and 1000L IBC.

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Benefits & Advice

Fertiplus® Liquid 7-2-2 performs best when applied at the beginning or during crucial moments in the crop growth cycle. In periods when the plant requires high levels of nitrogen, this fertilizer is the best choice to provide the plant some extra energy and boost the plant’s growth. This product contains 13% free amino acids - which are easily absorbed by the plant and used as a nitrogen source. Amino acids are easily available and in contrast with inorganic N (NO3) these amino acids can directly be used by the plant as building blocks for proteins.

  • Provides quick nitrogen effect by foliar application
  • Less leaching of precious minerals
  • Fast available nutrients
  • Improves soil life
  • Increased resistance and recovery to abiotic stress

It is advisable to use it in periods when the crop needs a boost, such as:

  • At the beginning of the growth phase
  • During periods of abiotic stress
  • During crucial moments in the growth cycle
  • Stimulates vegetative growth without weakening the plants


Foliar application of Fertiplus® Liquid 7-2-2 has the fastest effect on the crop. The nitrogen is easily absorbed by the leaves and the trace minerals are also immediatly available to the plant. This effect strengthens the plant. In the soil these minerals could be trapped and made inactive by soil particles, however, when foliarly applied they are directly available to the plant during key growth periods. This liquid fertilizer can also be applied through drip irrigation and it will not block inline filters. Providing plants with nutrients through drip irrigation will increase the plants performance and yield. Nutrient delivery by drip irrigation increase nutrient uptake efficiency (compared to solid fertilizer). Nutrients are directly available in the active root zone of the plants and quickly absorbed by the plant. This limits leaching of mobile nutrients like N and K but also enhances availability of less mobile nutrients like P.

The nitrogen in this fertilizer contains fast available N and slower released N making it useful for a longer period in the soil both feeding the plant and essential soil organisms. Apply product within 4-6 hours after preparation. Clean the spraying tank before and after application when foliarly applied. It is compatible with most commonly used fertilizers and plant protection products, however do not mix with copper fertilizers, sulphur based products, alkaline products or oil based products.

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