Fertiplus® Potato

Specialized fertilizer for potato cultivation

Product sheet
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Fertiplus® Potato is a product tailored to the cultivation of root crops like potatoes. Because of the high yield in crops like potatoes, the removal of nutrients from the soil is also high. To retain these high yields, sufficient nutrients have to be added constantly. An advantage of using Fertiplus® Potato is that you add all necessary nutrients and trace elements the plant needs to grow vigorous. Fertiplus® Potato stimulates soil activity and increases soil characteristics through its high organic matter content.

Fertiplus potato


  • All essential nutrients in one fertilizer
  • Vigorous and healthy plants with quality tubers
  • Increased soil life and soil characteristics

Areas of application

  • Potatoes
  • Root crops


Special to this Fertiplus® pellet, is the potassium (K) it contains. The potassium is responsible for the production and transport of starches and sugars in the plant increasing quality traits of the tuber. K is also involved in the plants water management, drought tolerance and frost tolerance. Harvested potatoes easily get bruised if not handled carefully. These bruises are not harmful (although they might facilitate pathogen infections) and do not influence taste but during cooking they colour brown / black. Sufficient K supply increases citrate concentration in the tuber limiting discoloration and also increasing other quality traits. The K in this fertilizer in combination with all the other elements result in a strong and healthy plant with increased vitality and resistance. This is noticeable in darker green leaves and vigorous plants.

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