Biostimulant Amino+

Increases plant growth, nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and crop quality

Product sheet

Fertiplus® Amino+ is a highly recommended addition to your standard fertilizer and crop protection schedule to increase plant productivity, nutrient uptake, stress tolerance and crop quality. Thanks to our unique natural enzymatic hydrolysis process, Fertiplus® Amino+ contains high levels of 20 different free L-amino acids which are essential for all living beings including plants. They are the basic building blocks of proteins and enzymes, playing a key role in plant cell energy management and performing various regulatory functions.

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Benefits & Advice

Fertiplus® Amino+ performance mainly comes from the regulatory functions of amino acids. Plants are able to produce amino acids themselves, but this process consumes a lot of energy. By applying Fertiplus® Amino+, your crop will save this energy and boost crop performance. The saved energy can be used for vigorous growth, flowering, strong root development, darker leaves, fruit setting and increased quantity and quality of yield.

  • Gives the crop a boost during the growth phase
  • Increases crop quality
  • Increases efficiency of foliar applications
  • Protects the crop against abiotic stress
  • Reduces stress when added to crop protection products
  • Broadest spectrum of free l-amino acids

It is advisable to use Fertiplus® Amino+ in periods when the crop needs a stimulus:

  • At the start of the cycle of the plant
  • At moments when plants need extra energy
  • When plants are exposed to unfavourable conditions
  • At pre-flowering and fruit set
  • At fruit development
  • Improving plant growth at critical periods


Amino acid molecules contain on average 16% of nitrogen. Nitrogen fertilizers are mainly used for production of amino acid by the plant. This means that you can replace nitrogen requirements by feeding your plant with Fertiplus® Amino+. You replace an input with a negative effect on the environment for an organic/natural product certified for Organic Agriculture.

Fertiplus® Amino+ is liquid and soluble so it can be applied to the crop by foliar treatment or through drip irrigation. When applied via irrigation its efficiency is higher in drip system. The product enters the soil and increases amino acid uptake by the roots. It also improves soil conditions, boost soil life and availability of minerals to the plant. For quick crop response apply as foliar treatment frequently during the growth cycle of the crop. Amino+ can be sprayed on the leaves together with most liquid fertilizers and plant protection products to increase efficiency and reduce negative effects.

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