Potasium power

Product sheet

Organic Fertilizer 3-3-6 is specially developed for use in crops that require a higher level of potassium. Also, this fertilizer is a great choice for soils that have a low potassium content. Potassium is important for the energy management of the plant throughout cultivation, so with a soil with low K (potassium), this fertilizer gives a quality boost during the entire crop cycle. In addition, many crops need more potassium at a later stage in the cultivation cycle, to improve quality and yield, to create and colour fruits, to fill tubers or to harden off crops, making them more resistant to frost.

  • Excellent fertilizer for crops with high demand for potassium and soils low in potassium
  • The high level of potassium helps strengthen plants’ abilities to resist diseases and has an important role in increasing yield and overall crop quality
  • Contains high organic matter content and humic and fulvic acids which improve soil fertility
  • Contains trace elements which play an important role in formation of enzymes and proteins
  • Specific formula to harden crops before winter
  • The potassium makes the plant more resilient to stress factors like drought, cold, and preventing wilt
Application & effect

Potassium in the soil must be sufficiently adequate. If there is not enough potassium, a crop is less resilient to heat and drought, because potassium regulates the moisture balance and the stomata. In most cases potassium supply through the soil is sufficient at the first part of the crop cycle, but the peak in potassium requirement in most crops is during the second half of the crop cycle. In most soft fruits, you generally have to be cautious for too high amounts of potassium in the first phase of cultivation. But from flowering, more potassium is needed to improve the fruit yield and quality. This fertilizer is easy to apply in the field: the pellets can be spread over the land using a fertilizer spreader or by hand. The application of this fertilizer results in an increased yield, increased crop quality and healthier plants.


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