Fertiplus® 6-8-10

Compound power

Product sheet

Organic Compound Fertilizer 6-8-10 has a diverse mixture of fast and slow acting compounds which will gradually release over a period of three months. All macro- and microelements are present in this fertilizer. This fertilizer has a high concentration of phosphate and potassium, making it a good choice for soils that are low in these nutrients. Both phosphorus and potassium are important for plant energy management and sufficient levels are required for optimal functioning of plants. The organic matter content helps to improve soil fertility.


  • Excellent fertilizer when soils are low in potassium and phosphorus.
  • Sufficient potassium levels are important to avoid stress from drought and heat
  • High organic matter content increasing several soil characteristics
  • Boosts energy level of plants

General application advice

  • Apply one week prior to planting and mix with the top layer of the soil
  • If application before planting is not possible, apply before rain or use irrigation after application
  • Trees: distribute the fertilizer within the area above the roots. If possible, mix into the soil
  • Spread applications if necessary

av  comp 6-8-10

Application & effect

Potassium and phosphorus in the soil must be sufficiently adequate. If there isn’t enough present, it will cost energy for the crop. In that situation, Organic Compound Fertilizer 6-8-10 will help developing roots, increase photosynthesis, support many enzymatic processes and make the crop more resistant to heat and drought. In most soft fruits, you generally have to be cautious for too high amounts of potassium in the first phase of cultivation. But from flowering, more potassium is needed to improve the fruit yield and quality. This Fertilizer is easy to apply in the field: the pellets can be spread over the land using a fertilizer spreader or by hand. The application of this fertilizer results in an increased yield, increased crop quality and healthier plants. 

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