Nitrogen power

Product sheet

Fertiplus® Organic Mineral Fertilizer 8-3-3 has the full spectrum of essential nutrients. It will stimulate growth of all types of plants and provides a constant release of the nutrients. A part of the nitrogen will be released quicker for an adequate start of the crops. Due to the constant release, no boom-and-bust pattern is shown but a more stable growth. The organic matter in this fertilizer ensures slow release of nutrients and improves soil fertility. The humic and fulvic acids contribute to this structure and are able to bind minerals preventing leaching of minerals.


  • Whole spectrum of macro- and microelements
  • Avoids a boom-and-bust pattern after fertilization
  •  Improves soil fertility
  •  Provides constant N release
  • Excellent fertilizer when extra nitrogen is wanted in relation to P and K, for example in the vegetative growth phase.

General application advice

  • Apply one week prior to planting and mix with the top layer of the soil
  •  If application before planting is not possible, apply before rain or use irrigation after application
  • Trees: distribute the fertilizer within the area above the roots. If possible, mix into the soil
  •  Spread applications if necessary

av comp 8-3-3

Application & effect

Fertiplus® Organic Mineral Fertilizer 8-3-3 is an easy to use fertilizer which feeds the crop at a constant rate to ensure a gradual growth, but it also contains some ‘quicker’ nitrogen for a fast crop response. The organic matter content helps building organic matter and improves soil structure. The characteristics of organic matter increases the water holding capacity of the soil, limiting drought stress and improving soil biology.

zak 8-3-3