Compound power

Product sheet

Organic Compound Fertilizer 8-5-8 is a diverse fertilizer with all necessary macro- and microelements essential for plant growth. Due to its high nitrogen and potassium concentration it is ideal for application before a fast growth phase of the crop and at generative growth phase where nitrogen is still needed. Organic Compound Fertilizer 8-5-8 has a low chloride content, making it highly applicable in chloride sensitive crops such as potato, soft fruits, citrus, grape, peach and field bean. The high organic matter content helps to improve soil fertility.


  • Good balance of minerals
  • Effective during growing phase
  • Effective during vegetative phase in potassium low soils
  • High organic matter content increasing several soil characteristics
  • Highly effective on salty soils and chloride sensitive crops


General application advice

  • Apply one week prior to planting and mix with the top layer of the soil
  • If application before planting is not possible, apply before rain or use irrigation after application
  • Trees: distribute the fertilizer within the area above the roots. If possible, mix into the soil.
  • Spread applications if necessary

av comp 8-5-8

Application & effect

Fertiplus® Organic Compound Fertilizer 8-5-8 is an easy to use Fertilizer with a balanced N-P-K ratio. Nitrogen is essential for growth of plants. Potassium on the other hand is involved in the support of many enzymatic processes and a lack of potassium will cost a lot of energy and growth. It is necessary for adequate nutrient and sugar transport to the growing tissue and performs a function in photosynthesis. The application of this fertilizer results in a balanced growth of the crop, with good yield and crop health.

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