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Fertiplus® Bark

Ground cover for foothpaths, garden decoration and play grounds

Product sheet

Fertiplus® Bark as a ground cover is a 100% natural product. It inhibits the growth of weeds and protects your plants against cold and frost. The use of bark as a ground cover has many advantages. The ground remains moist and does not dry out. The layer of bark will keep the soil moist. In addition, many bacteria that live in the soil multiply when a layer of bark is laid in the trenches. Bark is orginally Portuguese or French and is available in classic and decor quality.

Pinus Maritima 

pin bark

Pinus Maritima (also called French Bark) is a high quality bark and it has a red-brown color. This sustainable bark has a long lifespand (approximately 4 to 6 years). Pinus Maritima is a decorative ground cover, suitable for many application areas. The tree bark creates an aesthetic appearance and it is used to limit the grow of weeds. 

Pinus Sylvestis

pin sylv

Pinus Sylvestis (also called pine bark or conifer bark) is extremely suitable as a decorative ground cover and also as a fall- and play surface. It is a cheaper kind of bark and therefore it fits into most budgets. The life span of Needle Bark (approximately 3-4 years) compared to French bark (approximately 4 to 6 years) is considerably shorter. Needle tree bark is also an asset to any place, with its brown color and natural appearance.