Fertiplus® Citrus

Specialized fertilizer

Product sheet

Fertiplus® citrus is the ideal choice to apply in citrus cultivation. Fe deficiency in citrus and other fruit bearing trees is a common problem. This is partly due to the alkaline or calcareous soils these trees are usually grown on. These soils make it difficult for the trees to absorb enough Fe. This results in reduced photosynthesis, metabolism and in strong deficiencies to leaf chlorosis. This reduces both yield quality and quantity. Fe deficiency can develop over time in an orchard due to Fe extraction from the land through the harvested product. The main problem in orchards is that Fe is often bound to soil particles and not available for the trees. This is the greatest problem in calcareous soils or soils with a high pH. Due to the combination of organic matter / humic substances and iron in this fertilizer, the availability of the Fe increases since organic material can form complexes with the iron making it available for plants. This prevents binding of Fe to soil particles which are inaccessible to the plant. This is a double action in Fe fertilization by both supplying Fe and increasing Fe availability.


  •  No additional fertilizer needed                                                                                                                                            
  •  Higher fruit quality and quantity
  • Strong plants

Areas of application

  • Oranges
  • Tangerines
  • Lemons
  • Grapefruit

N and K are the nutrients the most exported through the harvest of citrus fruits. Therefore it is important to supply the soil with adequate nutrients. Next to this, potassium influences quality characteristics of the fruits. With adequate K, fruits become larger. Under K deficiencies, number and size of fruits decrease and the soluble solids content of juice decreases. Enough K can also limit drought stress for the trees. Making K overall an important mineral for citrus trees. This fertilizer is particular interesting since it contains low levels of chloride which is better for chloride sensitive crops like citrus. Under high K concentrations Mg is less available for citrus plants therefore Mg is added to this fertilizer. This ensures that enough Mg is available for the citrus plants.


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