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Fertiplus® Coffee

Specialized fertilizer


Fertiplus® Coffee is a product specially made for the cultivation of coffee. By removal of seeds/beans many nutrients are taken from the field. To maintain high yields, sufficient nutrients should be returned. In order to increase soil characteristics organic matter should be applied to the soil. Therefore this fertilizer is the ideal choice for coffee production since it contains all nutrients and organic matter.

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  • Increased berry set and weight
  • All required minerals available for the plant including NPK and Ca in large quantities
  • High organic matter content, increasing soilcharacteristics

Areas of application


  •  Coffee plantations
  • On average, Coffea arabica species need more fertilization than Coffea robusta


Of all nutrients K is most important for fruit quantity and quality, therefore the increased levels of potassium in this fertilizer. K functions against fungal disease and regulates turgor pressure. Moreover, K influences cherry and bean formation and filling, thus influencing beverage quality as well as weight of the beans. K plays an essential role in translocation of sugars and nutrients to the bean ensuring high quality berries. During high yielding growing seasons K is the most required nutrient, during lower yielding seasons (the seasons mainly for leaf growth) N is the most required nutrient. After K and N, Ca is extracted from the field in large quantities through extraction of the berries, also this mineral is in large quantities available in this fertilizer.

Next to all essential minerals this fertilizer consists of 60% organic matter. This increases soil water retention, cation exchange capacity and aggregate formation. This all benefits soil characteristics increasing nutrient availability, aeration and less drought stress.

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