Fertiplus® COW

Allround power

Product sheet

Fertiplus® Organic Fertilizer COW is a fertilizer made from cow manure. This easy to use organic fertilizer is suited for all soils to build organic matter content. Due to its high C:N ratio, nutrients will be released gradually and leaching will be minimalised. Organic Fertilizer Cow is very suitable as an all round fertilizer in all crops due to its well-balanced N-P-K ratio.


  • Stimulates active development of the roots
  • High organic matter content
  • Slow release of nutrients
  • High C/N ratio
  • Excellent fertilizer for soils low in organic matter content

General application advice

  • Apply one week prior to planting and mix with the top layer of the soil
  • If application before planting is not possible, apply before rain or use irrigation after application
  • Trees: distribute the fertilizer within the area above the roots. If possible, mix into the soil
  • Spread applications if necessary

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Application & effect

This fertilizer is 100% produced out of cow manure and has a high C:N ratio. The high organic matter content and C:N ratio of this fertilizer contributes to the organic matter content of the soil for a long period of time. It is advisable to apply this fertilizer before crop growth, since the nutrients are being released in a more gradual way during the growing period.

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