Fertiplus® Crumb - Available in different formulations

Crumbled fertilizer. Easily spreadable and suitable as base fertilizer in potting soil

Product sheet

Fertiplus® Crumb is a granulated fertilizer. The basis for this product are our high-quality Organic Fertilizers. The raw materials are selected with care and precision and then subsequently dried, conditioned, powdered, and eventually pelletized to ensure optimal quality and soil incorporation. After being pelletized, the pellet is crumbled and the broken pieces are broken another time. By crumbling rather than crushing the pellets, and through multiple sieves, all dust in the product is eliminated.

Due to its small size, Organic Fertilizer Crumb can be easily spread with a fertilizer spreader. Besides standard usage, Organic Fertilizer Crumb is well suitable as base fertilizer in potting soil. Because the product is crumbled, the product is better mixable into potting soil-type of products. Another advantage of using Organic Fertilizer Crumb in combination with potting soil is that with already limited water emission the Crumb unites with the potting soil in which it is applied.

Because Crumb is produced from our pellets, it is available in different formulations (for example, 4-3-3, 8-3-3, 4-2-10,4-10-2, COW etc).



  • Nutrients are freed up and released faster
  • Easily spread with a fertilizer spreader
  • Good fertilizer in potting soil

Areas of application


  • Vegetables Garden
  • Lawns
  • Sports grounds
  • Golf courses