Fertiplus® Granular 11-0-5

Plant based Organic Fertilizer


Fertiplus® Granular 11-0-5 consists of organic raw materials with substantial levels of natural sugars. Due to fermentation processes the organic materials are upgraded to an excellent fertilizer. The high level of trace elements and sugars supports a healthy soil life and provides healthy plant growth. The amino acids in Fertiplus® Granular 11-0-5 can also be absorbed at low temperatures.

Because of the balance between slow and quick released nitrogen elements, effect is ensured up to several weeks. Approximately 50% of the nitrogen is released during the first four weeks. Fertiplus® Granular 11-0-5 is supplied without the use of preservatives. The round shape guarantees a good flowability on the land.

  • Easily applied with spreading machinery
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Fully plant based
  • Ensures stable plant growth
  • Supports the soil life
  • Efficient use of minerals
  • Increases abiotic stress tolerance
  • Provides a compact rhizosphere

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