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Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7

Liquid Organic Fertilizer with 15% Amino Acids

Product sheet

Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 can be applied to all types of crops and is best used before flowering until the end of the reproduction cycle of the plant. The fertilizer can be used in a quick application to compensate for plant deficiency symptoms and increase drought tolerance. In both circumstances Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 is a very effective addition. The product contains macro and micro elements, as well as L-amino acids, humic and fulvic-acids. It can be used through flood irrigation and drip irrigation but the most effective way to apply this fertilizer is foliar application.

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Benefits & Advice

Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 performs best before flowering until the end of the plants reproductive cycle due to the high levels of potassium, which is also known as “quality” nutrient. In crops, potassium highly influences the crop’s shape, size, color, taste and quality of yield. For example, in potatoes, potassium can limit bruises after harvest, in berries it results in sweeter berries and in citrus it increases fruit size and soluble solid content.

  • Fertilizer and biostimulant in one product
  • No leaching of precious minerals
  • Fast available nutrients when foliar applied
  • Increases resistance to stress after cutting
  • Improves drought resistance
  • Optimal nutrient supply
  • Stimulates generative crop growth

It is advisable to use this fertilizer to compensate crop’s deficiency symptoms, increase drought tolerance and improve crop quality and yield. Apply:

  • Before flowering and fruiting
  • In moments of drought
  • To quickly compensate for potassium deficiency symptoms at low soil potassium


Foliar application of Fertiplus® 3-2-7 has the fastest effect on the crop. This is ideal to compensate for nutrient deficiencies, within a few days recovery of the plant will be visible due to fast absorption of the nutrients by the leaves. Foliar application also increases the availability of several micro nutrients such as Iron. In the soil this mineral is often trapped in soil particles, when foliarly applied it is directly available to the plant. This is the big advantage of the trace elements in this product.

Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 can also be applied through drip irrigation since it will not block inline filters. Nutrient delivery by drip irrigation increases nutrient uptake efficiency. Nutrients are directly available in the active root zone of the plants and utilized by the plant. This limits leaching of mobile nutrients like nitrogen and potassium but also enhances availability of less mobile nutrients like phosphate. With drip irrigation the right amount can be easily applied to the crop, before drought or during transition of vegetative growth to fruit set. Apply product within 4-6 hours after preperation. Clean the spraying tank before and after application when foliarly applied. It is compatible with most commonly used fertilizers and plant protection products, however do not mix with copper fertilizers, suphur based products, alkaline products or oil based products.

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