Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4

Liquid Organic Fertilizer with 18% Amino Acids

Product sheet

Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 can be applied to all types of crops during the entire growth cycle of the crop. This product will provide the crop with all nutrient needs and prevent general nutrient deficiency symptoms. It contains macro and micro elements, as well as amino and humic acids. It can be applied through flood irrigation and drip irrigation but the most effective way to apply this fertilizer is foliar application. Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 is available in 1L, 5L and 20L cans or 1000L IBC.


Benefits & Advice

The composition of this liquid fertilizer has been developed in a way that it is not necessary to change to another liquid formulation until the end of your crop cycle. There is enough nitrogen in this fertilizer so your crop will grow to mature size and there is potassium for good fruit setting.

  • Fertilizer and biostimulant in one product
  • Total package of micro-nutrients
  •  Less leaching of precious minerals
  •  Fast available nutrients, when foliarly applied
  •  General product for the entire cycle
  •  Increased resistance to any stress
  •  Quick recovery fruit trees after harvesting
  • It is advisable to use it from planting to harvest.
  • Cutting the intervals between applications increases vegetative growth
  • Add Fertiplus® Liquid 3-2-7 to your fertilizing plan between flowering and ripening induces fruit fattening


Foliar application of Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 has the fastest effect on the crop. When you apply this fertilizer to correct nutrient deficiencies, the crop shows recovery within a few days. This liquid fertilizer contains free amino acids which speeds up absorption of the nutrients and trace elements such as iron and zinc by the leaves. In the soil these minerals are often trapped and not available for the plant.

Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 can also be applied through drip irrigation and it will not block inline filters. Liquid nutrient delivery by drip irrigation increases nutrient uptake efficiency. The nutrients are directly available in the active root zone of the plants and can be quickly absorbed by the plant. Providing plants with the nutrients of Fertiplus® Liquid 5-2-4 will increase the plants performance and yield. Apply product within 4-6 hours after preperation. Clean the spraying tank before and after application when foliarly applied. It is compatible with most commonly used fertilizers and plant protection products, however do not mix with copper fertilizers, sulphur based products, alkaline products or oil based products.

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