Fertiplus®PolyGranular 7-0-7-S

Energy rich fertilizer with added sulphur and calcium 

Product sheet

Fertiplus® PolyGranular 7-0-7-S contains an optimum level of sulpur. This means that one application brings all required key minerals. Calcium and potassium (K) in the mix are in sulphate form and easily absorbed. The nitrogen/sulphur ratio ensures a favourable amino acid profile in the crop. E ciency of nitrogen is high due to the plant-based amino acids occurrence. Amino acids are less subjective to leaching in the soil profi le. The chloride and salt content is low, eliminating the risk of damaging plants. The amino acids in Fertiplus® PolyGranular 7-0-7-S can be absorbed even at low temperatures.

Under normal conditions, approximately 50% of nitrogen is released within 4 weeks. The release of sulphur is spread over 50 days. Most e ective fertilizers feed both soil and plants. This combination of essential minerals, plant-based sugars and plant-based aminoacids in Fertiplus® PolyGranular 7-0-7-S nourishes the soil and the plant.



  • Easily applied with spreading machinery
  • Natural fertilizer
  • Fully plant based
  • Ensures stable plant growth
  • Supports the soil life
  • Efficient use of minerals
  • Increases abiotic stress tolerance

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