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Fertiplus® Universal Potting Soil

Widely applicable high-quality potting soil

Product sheet

As the name already makes it likely, Fertiplus® Universal Potting Soil is an all-rounder. Our Potting Soil is suitable for many purposes: repotting houseplants, lling terrace- and bloom boxes, planting trees and shrubs and cultivating bedding plants, perennials and vegetable plants. Fertiplus® Universal Potting Soil is of plant breeder’s quality and is composed of top quality raw materials. It contains all the necessary nutrients and trace elements.


  • Plant breeder’s quality
  • Composed of top quality raw materials
  • Light and airy structure gives excellent potting characteristics
  • High capacity water intake
  • Extremely suitable for many purposes
  • Product free of pathogens and organisms harmful to plants, animals and humans


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