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Den Ouden Ferm O Feed and Plant Health Cure (PHC) are to merge. As of January 30, 2023, our business units will continue together under the name Den Ouden GrowSolutions. With the merger, we are combining the strengths of two similar organizations into one strong team.

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Expert in developing forward-looking & organic total solutions for soil and plants. Organic Matters!

An increasing world population, but declining fertility in the soil of our earth. In many places and countries around the world, food is or is becoming scarce as human populations deplete the planet's resources. We want to address this problem. Ferm O Feed, a company belonging to Den Ouden Group, is a Netherlands-based producer of agricultural, organic total solutions. 

Ferm O Feed's products find their way around the world; about 95 percent are exported to more than 75 countries. We keep the soil "alive" and fertile by developing and distributing solid fertilizers, liquid fertilizers, biostimulants and other soil and plant enhancers. Our products are organic and contain no harmful substances to soil or plant.

Given the international nature of Ferm O Feed, please refer for our products and further information to our website. 

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