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Family company Den Ouden

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A strong, service-oriented family company

Den Ouden Group is a family company that was founded in 1948. Over the past few years, we have worked hard to bolster our position in the market and build up a vast network of clients. By investing in sustainable relations, we are now capable of optimally serving our clients all over the world. Quality and reliability play a key role in this.


We create solutions that contribute to a sustainable living environment. We do this with smart infrastructure, healthy soil and circular biobased products and services. Our specialised expertise is focused on everything and anything that has to do with soil.


Every day, the Den Ouden Group works on innovative solutions, socially responsible entrepreneurship and CO2 reduction. With our products and services, we want to contribute to making sure our world stays healthy, fertile and liveable. 

A reliable partner with the right expertise

Our world is complex. The challenges we face are complex, and the ever-changing rules and regulations even more so. That is why you need a reliable partner who has the right expertise in house and the ability to properly roll out your project. We are aware of the correlations and will always choose integral solutions. We share your vision and invest in the long term. We are a family company. And by definition, family companies focus on the long term. We cherish our staff and our business relations. Thanks to them, we possess a wealth of knowledge and experience. This experience spans from design and development to production, advice, facilitating and execution. Together with our own specialists, you will be able to extend your boundaries. For today and for the generations that follow.

Taking responsibility, extending boundaries and making a difference

Our strength lies in our work method. You are our main priority. And together, we will always find a solution. Because Brabanders are always practical and pragmatic. And just because the issues are complicated, does not automatically mean that this also applies for the process.

We are transparent and like to keep things simple. Most of all, we really want to make a difference. And to achieve this, we will roll up our sleeves and work hard.

Innovation is the core of renewal

Smarter, healthier and circular. That sounds ambitious. Because it is. That is why innovation is one of our most important pillars. We heavily invest in new technology and solutions. And we are not afraid to take on new challenges. Because we believe that only then will you be able to supply quality and make progress. We dare to be the frontrunners and we utilise all our means and expertise to ensure this.

The Third Generation

M.A.G. (Marcel) den Ouden (05-07-1974)
“Since March 1992, I have worked at our family firm and I am currently active Team Leader on the shovel/crane at our Green Recycling location. I am also a member of the innovation team where I help analyse and develop end products coming from Green Recycling. I have been doing this with great passion and commitment for 25 years. I am also very proud of this family company. We are one big family with a highly-driven, convivial culture with which we full-heartedly work on great projects every single day. At the Den Ouden Group, the client comes first. We are service-oriented and we always fulfil our promises. We are a flexible firm that is always ready to help find the appropriate solution. We work on innovative products and projects and always try to stay a one step ahead as a company."

R.M.H.F. (Rob) den Ouden (31-10-1975)
“I have been working at our family company since April 1999. I am currently Sales Director of Ferm O Feed, where I am responsible for the sale of organic fertilisers that Ferm O Feed produces in Helmond. When I see the spirit and ambition that our employees put into their work, it makes me tremendously proud. Very often, because our people take that extra step, make that extra effort, we are able to make the difference in a sometimes difficult market. It also gives me great pleasure to see how users on the other side the world are so satisfied with organic fertilisers and are able to achieve great results. In addition, we at the Den Ouden Group also want to continue working on the development of sustainable solutions for the future to ensure that our world will also remain liveable for the generations to come."

M.H.E.M.(Tijn) den Ouden (01-07-1977)
“I have been working at our family company since 1994 and I was named after the founder of our company, my grandfather Tein. At the moment, I am mainly work at the "De Peel" location in Helmond. This is a dynamic location where Ferm O Feed, Den Ouden ROC and Den Ouden Green Recycling are established. There, I work for Green Recycling and we also process tree bark and waste wood. We also produce our rooftop garden substrates there. My grandfather started in 1948 and years later, my father and then his brothers took over the business. So much has changed and the company has grown tremendously. This is something we are all really proud of! Now it is our turn, the third generation. We will do all we can to help our company to continue to develop so that it will be healthy in the future.

H.W.A.M. (Harm) den Ouden (22-07-1979)
“I have been working at the Den Ouden Group since 2004 and my current position is Operational Director. In this position, I am responsible for all operational matters within our amazing family firm. I am very proud to work at our company and also proud of all the family members, employees and long-standing partners I work with! We are true entrepreneurs at heart and will always find the right solution for any issue you may face!"

W.W.M.M. (William) den Ouden (10-04-1980)
“I have been working here since April 2001 and I am an all-around employee. I am often asked to stand-in at Green Recycling and Transport. I really enjoy working with my cousins at this family company that is growing and diverse. I always try to give our clients the very best service and it gives me great pleasure to work here."

J.A.P.F.M. (Jeroen) den Ouden (08-01-1987)
"I have been working at the Den Ouden Group since the winter of 2014 and my current position is Chief Executive Officer. Over the past few years, I held various positions at different divisions within our company. I have become acquainted with many colleagues during this time and what really stands out for me is that everyone with so much passion and commitment. I have fulfilled the role of Chief Executive Officer since 2018. I am very grateful to have been given this opportunity by the management and my family. Together, we are working on the further blossoming of this company so that we can one day pass it on to the fourth generation."

P.P.J. (Paul) den Ouden (12-06-1988)

“I have been working at this family firm since August 2016 and I am employed at Ferm O Feed as sales support/back-office staff.
I am proud of this company, it is really unique how it has grown to become what it is today. My grandfather started something small and later, my father and his brothers were able to expand on it. Now it is the third generation's turn to continue to ensure that the company stays healthy. The best part about this family company is that all the different business components have the same objective - to ensure a greener and better liveable environment. The soil and nature itself are centrally featured here. And every day, we work with great passion and pleasure on these two key themes.

Parent company 

The Den Ouden Group is the parent company of a number of operating companies that provide services. The following subsidiaries belong to the Den Ouden Group:

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