Preparing sites for construction

Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf is a specialist in preparing sites for housing and commercial accommodation for construction and housing.


We have all disciplines in-house. From surveying the land to soil remediation, and from sewage systems to paving. What makes us unique is that our own specialists carry out the investigation into dormant explosives and archaeological findings. This enables us to coordinate the process steps and include then in the course of work. This results in flexibility and means that we can guarantee a highly efficient and effective construction flow. Mutual coordination is crucial if you want to have the land prepared in time, to ensure the environment will be disturbed as little as possible and to keep costs low.

To ensure that we can offer you full service, we can provide you a comprehensive solution for preparing the land for your construction project: 

SIKB-certified soil research

Before we start building, we will carry out thorough soil research. And any issues we come across, will be tackled in accordance with the most recent regulations. For this, we are SIKB-certified [Link new window].

Cleaning polluted land

We dredge watercourses and spores in the ground. Because polluted land brings risks for both man and the environment. Our specialists have the necessary expertise and certifications to remediate and if desired, clean polluted land (BRL7001).

Archaeological research

You cannot just begin to excavate when you start a construction project. The soil may be filled with archaeological discoveries. We must properly protect our legacy. And that is why we search for archaeological findings with every project. When we do find objects, our certified archaeologists (BRL4000) will excavate these valuable remains for science.

Searching for conventional explosives on land and in the water (OCE)

Explosive remnants of war can seriously endanger the safety of a construction site. That is why searching for these is imperative. Only once the soil has been declared safe can the construction work begin. We specialise in searching and securing (CS-OOO) conventional explosives (OCE).  Both on land and in the water. 

Climate adaptation is a new challenge for water management

Living with water. We know all about it in the Netherlands. Climate change is introducing us to new challenges. Extreme draught leads to shortages and extreme rains cause floods. While we used to drain away all the water as quickly as possible, we now do everything we can hold onto it longer. By giving water the room it needs, we can make sure new districts are future-proof. 

Water management is crucial for a sustainable living environment

We install separate sewage systems for all new construction projects. These enable us to drain waste water and natural rain water separately. This reduces the pressure on the sewage water purification facilities and prevents waste water from entering the surface water. We create water passageways, flood facilities, infiltration and storage facilities in order to optimally manage ground and surface water. Where necessary, we equip the waterways with culverts, bridges and shoring.

Coordination of utilities

We oversee the entire process of preparing the soil for construction. That is also why we coordinate the installation of such utilities as gas, water, heat, electricity and data.

The building of temporary roads to access the construction sites

In order to ensure that the new construction site can be accessed safely, we build temporary roads. These are designed to be able to handle heavy traffic. Once the new construction has been completed, we will again restore the roads and supply the new pavement.

Making new construction sites liveable

Once the construction work has been completed, we will make the districts and industrial terrains liveable. This means we help realise the definitive layout of the grounds. This may include, for example, public lighting, landscaping, ornamental or definitive paving, bicycle routes and side-walks.

With smart phasing of the final layout of the grounds, we ensure minimal hindrance and optimal accessibility is achieved.  The moving in of residents in new construction districts and of companies in industrial terrains is almost always organised in phases. That is why we properly coordinate this process with the residents and companies that are already located there. 

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Sustainability and quality are the two most important pillars under every project for us. That is why we ensure careful implementation which is an excellent preparation and starting point for further work.

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