Civiele betonbouw den ouden groep

New construction Parhelia warehouse EBS Rotterdam

European Bulk Services B.V. (EBS) operates a terminal for storage and transshipment of various agri-bulk goods at Elbeweg in the Europoort area of Rotterdam.


European Bulk Services B.V. (EBS) operates a terminal for the storage and transhipment of various agri-bulk goods on the Elbeweg in the Europoort area of Rotterdam. Den Ouden Civiele Betonbouw was commissioned by EBS to design and realise (the civil part) of the new storage warehouse at this location.

Civiele betonbouw

About this project

Client: European Bulk Services B.V.

Execution period: December 2020

The mechanical engineering and electrical engineering part was carried out by secondary contractors on behalf of EBS. Coordination of the activities and the design at interfaces for the civil, mechanical and electrical engineering part falls within the scope of Den Ouden Civiele Betonbouw.

The work essentially consisted of:
- Demolition of the existing Linora building
- Removal of asphalt and surfacing
- Adapting and rerouting the existing sewerage, drinking water supply and fire extinguishing system.
- Carrying out infrastructure work for the realization of a foundation on steel
- Design and realization of a dry storage warehouse with a theoretical storage volume of approx. 50,000m³ of agri-bulk product
- Design and realization of a steel roof construction with sandwich plating
- Delivery and installation of concrete foundations and embedding facilities for mechanical and electrical installations
- Create passages in the existing silo complex for the mechanical transport systems
- Repairing asphalt and paving

During the work, EBS operations continued unimpeded. Weekly meetings were scheduled to coordinate construction activities with EBS operational activities. The project was completed in December 2020.

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