eindhoven hastelweg

Renovation Hastelweg Eindhoven

Read more about the renovation on the Hastelweg in Eindhoven.

Eindhoven Haselweg

About this project

In March 2020 we started the renovation of the Hastelweg-Strijpsestraat in Eindhoven. This is because the pavement, including asphalt, sidewalks, parking lots and foundation were completely worn out. The municipality wants to take care of this part with a redesign. The project was recently completed and there is a clear, safe street with room for greenery. In this way, people and nature can develop sustainably.

More green

More greenery has also been created to combat heat stress and flooding. Think of more trees, but also facade gardens for residents who want that. A storage system has been installed under the road to collect and drain the rainwater during downpours.

Extra space for cyclists and pedestrians

In addition, wider sidewalks of up to 1.80 meters wide and bicycle lanes have been added on both sides of the road.

Den Ouden Contractor B.V. te Schijndel has carried out and delivered this project satisfactorily and with a professional approach within the stipulated period," according to the municipality of Eindhoven.

More information? Please contact Bart Couwenberg: b.couwenberg@denoudengroep.com