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Watermolenbeek Roosendaal

The Watermolenbeek, a watercourse with a rich history that runs straight through the municipality of Roosendaal, is an important connection for the fast drainage of rainwater.


The section of Watermolenbeek where the concrete bank construction needs to be reconstructed concerns the section between the culvert Burgemeester Freijterslaan and the culverts Kadeplein. It concerns a length of approximately 175 meter on both sides of the waterway.

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About this project

Client: Municipality of Roosendaal
Implementation period: June 2019

The existing bank structure consists of concrete sheet piles with a concrete cover abutment, most of which were installed in the early 20th century and a portion that was renewed in 1963 in connection with the diversion of Watermill Creek for the construction of the tunnel box of the Market Tunnel in Burgemeester Freijterslaan.

The Watermolenbeek drains an important part of the inner city rainwater, therefore it cannot be closed off completely. Because of the total water system in the municipality of Roosendaal, part of the cross-section (at least 2/3 of the aquifer) of the Watermolenbeek should always remain available for the discharge of water from the Watermolenbeek. During the works, there will be a varying amount of drainage of water with different flow velocities. To improve the accessibility of a public park behind, a footbridge needs to be installed along the bank construction over a limited section. Rainwater discharges in the embankment construction have to be guaranteed during the execution.


Ecological connection zone

In addition to the reconstruction of the current Watermill Brook, measures need to be taken to strengthen the ecological link zone. These measures include the installation of a footbridge with planting for flora and fauna objectives, roughening the new concrete walls, repairing the existing masonry retaining wall construction to make it suitable for the growth of wall ferns, and adapting a natural bank with a wetland area behind it. In addition, the city council values good communication with those living in the immediate vicinity and property owners.

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