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We grow soil. Expert in soil biology, mycorrhizae, bacteria and fungi.

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We supply beneficial soil fungi and soil bacteria and other agents that make plants resilient and better functioning.

The best crop protection comes from one's own plant resilience

It is possible with PHC products to save drastically on pesticides, as well as fertilizers. The user achieves at least the same production at lower costs and the crop is healthier. Plant Health Cure's products thus contribute significantly to making the green sectors more sustainable. PHC's activities include projects from land reclamation to the cultivation of Fusarium-free bananas, fruit growing and arable farming.


Our mission

PHC was created to work from knowledge and practical experience to restore soil biology in agriculture and horticulture. PHC stimulates restorative agriculture by creating awareness through knowledge transfer and education on soil biology.

In addition, PHC develops beneficial soil fungi, soil bacteria and plant fertilizers that stimulate soil life and make plants resilient. The goal is to reduce the use of artificial fertilizers, pesticides and chemicals as much as possible, without loss of production.

Our vision

PHC is a pioneering company, with a science-based belief about what agriculture and horticulture could look like without the use of fertilizers and minimal use of pesticides. It is a given that the use of fertilizers automatically leads to the use of pesticides.

The best crop protection comes from one's own plant resilience, therefore healthy soil biology is essential for healthy crops. We are responsible now for the future of future generations.

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Plant Health Cure (PHC)

Plant Health Cure (PHC) has been part of Den Ouden Groep since January 1, 2021 and is located at our headquarters in Den Bosch. PHC is characterized as an informal organization with a motivated team. A driven group of professionals who support and challenge each other to think innovatively.


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PHC's newsletters are crop-specific. We currently have newsletters for arable farming, fruit growing, arboriculture and (greenhouse) horticulture.

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Please note! We have new telephone numbers as of July 19. Check our contact page.

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