Our laboratory

PHC is driven by a scientifically based belief in what agriculture and horticulture could look like if the use of artificial fertilisers were reduced and the use of pesticides were minimised. In order to continually research and adjust this vision, PHC carries out a great deal of research in its own laboratory.

The plant is best able to protect itself, so healthy soil biology is essential for healthy crops. The condition of the soil and its micro-biodiversity are of utmost importance. To determine and understand the health of the soil, we continuously carry out studies and analyses in our laboratory. With this knowledge, our consultants are better able to assess the soil health of our customers. By conducting internal and external cultivation experiments, demonstration projects and analysing the results, we not only increase our knowledge of the interaction between soil, plants, fungi and rhizo-bacteria, but also the knowledge of our customers.


Scientific research

PHC conducts ongoing research into the interaction between plants and soil, and how PHC's products can optimise cultivation.

Through laboratory research and cultivation trials at customers, data and experiences are collected. After thorough analysis and verification of these data, we can translate the invisible processes in the soil into visible figures. This brings knowledge that we integrate into cultivation advice for our customers.


Product development

PHC is constantly improving and developing its various products. With only one reason: what is good can be better. We do everything we can to continuously guarantee quality and effectiveness. We do not only research in our laboratory, the application of the research results are tested year after year under various field conditions. In this way, we improve our knowledge and that of the growers every day.

We develop products that are not harmful to the environment in any way. Because we believe that with our current knowledge there is still much to be gained from the capabilities that plants have developed over 450 million years, our research focuses on the interaction of life in the root zone (rhizosphere) and plant growth. With over 20 years of research experience in the field of mycorrhizae and rhizobacteria, PHC is the market leader in mycorrhiza, root bacteria and organic fertilizers that feed both the plant and the soil.




By combining various research methods, we are able to determine a number of important parameters for soil health.

The PHC laboratory offers soil and plant analyses in cooperation with various laboratories in the Netherlands and abroad in order to come up with the best advice for our customers. PHC provides mycorrhiza analyses and can count universities and test farms among its customers. The speciality of the PHC laboratory is mycorrhizal analysis, Chroma determination to follow the increase in soil quality from year to year. Finally, we offer Glomalin analyses of the soil. This determines the presence (or absence) of functional mycorrhizae in the soil.