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Organic Fertilizers - The Dutch fertilizer pellet is doing more than well


Annually, The Netherlands exports around 300,000 tons of fertilizer pellets to more than 75 countries. Since 2016, the export of fertilizer pellets increases each year by no less than 15%. Poultry and cow manure are increasingly being pressed into non-perishable and hygienic pellets and then exported. More and more countries are interested in Dutch fertilizers, including the Fertiplus® Organic Fertilizers of Ferm O Feed. Currently, we export our pellets to more than 70 countries. With an annual production of 70,000 tons, Ferm O Feed is one of the largest producers of fertilizer pellets in the Netherlands. And we are proud of that!

Poultry farmers

Dutch fertilizer pellet producers receive their raw material through contracts from livestock farmers. Usually they are poultry farmers, because chicken manure is already very dry. At present, more than three quarters of the Dutch export of fertilizer pellets consists of poultry manure pellets. 


About half of the Dutch organic fertilizers remains in Europe, while over a third goes to Asia. An increasing demand for Dutch fertilizer pellets has been observed in Africa and Latin America. The most explosive growth takes place in Southeast Asia: the soils there are in high need for organic fertilizers. The quality of agricultural land has deteriorated sharply in various Asian countries in the last decades. Therefore export growth is expected in de coming years: existing factories are expanding because of the high demand. Our sales director Rob den Ouden points out that this growth is also due to the fact that 'competitor' chemical fertilizer is losing popularity. Click here for more information about the advantages of organic fertilizers compared to chemical fertilizers. 

Besides a wide range of fertilizer pellets, Ferm O Feed introduced high quality Liquid Fertilizers and biostimulant Amino+, to improve the quality of the soil, crop and harvest. 


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