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During the Second World War, some 6,000 aircraft crashed in the Netherlands, both on land and in the water. Most of them have been salvaged. Aircraft wrecks sometimes contain the remains of crew members. These wrecks are regarded as war graves and their grave rest is respected. Often there is a monument nearby. The municipality can decide to salvage a wreck. This usually happens because a wreck poses a danger, for example due to non-explosive remnants of war. An aircraft salvage takes place approximately two to three times a year.

An aircraft salvage is a complex assignment, in which attention must be paid to human remains, conventional explosives, archaeological finds and soil contamination. Due to certain aspects, it is very important to work very meticulously during an aircraft salvage operation. Because Den Ouden Bodac has unique sieve installations, the soil is separated into very small particles. This means that no object can be overlooked during an aircraft recovery.

Our experience with aircraft recovery, the expertise of our employees and our modern machines ensure that every recovery can be carried out correctly, regardless of the type of soil. Through the attention we pay to the environment and the communication towards those involved and the client, we try to involve everyone in the project and to be transparent about our findings and discoveries.

For more information, please contact our contact person Marc van Oers: m.vanoers@bodac.nl


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