Bodac oppervlaktedetectie en dieptedetectie

Den Ouden Bodac

Securing explosives and the cultural historical value in the soil.


Safe soil and retaining our cultural heritage by searching for explosives and carrying out archaeological research

Safe soil and retaining valuable cultural objects that have been preserved in the soil through the ages. That is why Den Ouden Bodac exists.

Finding and securing explosive war remains

The foundation of every construction project is safe soil. But what does that mean exactly? Safe soil that is free of explosive war remains (OOs), firearms and airplane wrecks. Because, even though it might not occur to you, our North Sea, the soil, rivers and canals still harbour many dangerous explosives. And this creates the necessary hazards for the immediate surroundings and our employees on site. We safely remove these hazards. We are specialised in salvaging airplanes, tracking down and securing explosive war remains on land and in the water (CS-OOO).

Soil remediation Safe soil is also free from pollution.

The soil is the Netherlands is seriously polluted in many places. You are faced with this issue whenever you start building at one of these locations. We remediate polluted soil ans ensure the proper removal thereof (BRL7000/BRL7001)

Surface detection and depth detection

When it comes to detecting and securing explosives, Bodac has years of experience in land detection and is a reliable partner. When searching for explosives, we utilise surface detection and depth detection.We employ three types of detection methods. Explosives can be tracked down by way of manual, digital or depth detection.

Archaeological research

Hidden treasures can found in our soil, a wealth of information about human civilisation. Archaeological values tell us about life on earth through the ages. This valuable, cultural heritage must be well-protected. That is why we research whether there are any archaeological remains in your construction soil (BRL4000).

A reliable and expert partner

The government requires us to carry out thorough and certified research to examine whether there are any explosive war remains or archaeological findings in the soil. If the ground is perhaps polluted, governments may also require environmental research. That is why you want to have an expert partner to ensure that this is handled properly. You need a certified partner who follows all the laws and regulations, with professional experts who provide quality. That is the guarantee we offer our valued clients. We have been doing this kind of work successfully for years.

Integral services reduce costs

Integral services are our strength. We have all the experts in-house to be able to carry out every facet of your civil engineering (GWW) project. This enables us to always deliver customised work. It’s what makes us flexible, efficient and effective. And this saves you money.

In addition, we also have a joint venture with UXOcontrol: a company that specialises in ocean detection.

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Airplane salvage

With its many years of experience, Bodac is a suitable partner for aircraft salvage.

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