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Civil concrete construction

Den Ouden civil concrete construction contributes to reliable and accessible infrastructure and helps you find future-proof solutions.

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Den Ouden is an established name when it comes to working dynamically in Dutch infrastructure. Den Ouden Civil Concrete Construction handles the design and execution for a whole range of works in civil concrete construction.

Civil concrete construction is a crucial component in infrastructure

It is a vital pillar in creating a flourishing economic climate. Civil concrete construction is a pivotal link in Dutch infrastructure, which pioneers the whole world over. Because you can rely on the craftsmanship behind it. We employ our years of experience and proven know-how in smart infrastructure solutions. Ranging from foundations deep in the ground to the sound barriers above. We proactively collaborate with our clients and supply top quality.

Civil engineering works are ageing

Today, the infrastructure is under heavy pressure due to the ever-increasing amount of traffic. A vast portion of today's civil concrete works are antiquated and in need of renovation and renewal.

Climate change and urbanisation require civil engineering works

The world is becoming more and urbanised. More and more people are moving to urban areas, also in the Netherlands. This has consequences for the layout of urban areas and how you treat their infrastructure. The impact of climate change is also increasing by the day. We are faced with extreme drought on one hand and extreme floods on the other. With our civil concrete construction team, we create load-bearing infrastructure and build solutions to prevent heat stress and floods.

The Den Ouden Group tackles these topical issues via our Civil Concrete Construction division with the following products, among others: bridges, viaducts, quay walls and barrages. Our technical service is available for the scheduled renovation of civil engineering works.

With our specialisation, we are also active in building tunnels, industrial works and sound barriers.

Our work package includes design and construction projects, multi-disciplinary projects (including road works, steel works and mechanical engineering projects).

A reliable government partner for years

With our proven approach, we keep the Netherlands accessible and liveable.


civiele betonbouw den ouden


Years of experience, proven expertise, high quality and the will to cooperate formed the basis for our success.

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