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Den Ouden Infra

Den Ouden Infra focuses on sustainable and integrated design of public spaces.

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The infrastructure of tomorrow

Den Ouden Infra is building the infrastructure of the future. Together with you, we renew and improve outdoor space. Underground and above ground. This is how we create a sustainable living environment. Where man and nature are well attuned to each other. A place where it is pleasant to live, work and relax. We translate your question into a smart solution that demonstrably offers real added value.

Integral total solutions

Our strength lies in rolling out integrated total solutions. In this, we are responsible for the entire process. We provide the expertise, craft and equipment ourselves. From design to realization. We do this at local and urban level in the Netherlands. But also far beyond our national borders. We help our clients with urban redevelopment, civil concrete construction, concrete roads and landscaping.

Continually in touch with stakeholders

Sustainable redevelopment comes about in collaboration with the environment. As a family business, we know better than anyone how to connect people. Transparency and clear communication are elementary in this. We facilitate the entire process of participation. And we think proactively about the solution.

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