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Den Ouden Infra is able to combine various disciplines that are necessary to arrive at qualitative, efficient and economical solutions. And to apply and implement these in a landscape environment.

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Smart climate-adaptive landscaping restores the value of nature and the biodiversity

Our landscape and nature are increasingly under pressure due to lack of space, the build-up of nitrogen in the air and the changing climate. The decline of biodiversity, limitations in emissions, drought and floods are the result.

A varied and rich landscape is essential to create a healthy future for the next generations. With smart landscaping, we can strengthen nature together. We can recover the loss of biodiversity. And increase the recreational value of our environment. We like to work together with you during the initial phase all the way through to the exploitation phase. We provide advice on not only the design but on the complete integral realisation. The key to a pleasant living environment lies in the seamless connection of urban areas to natural and agricultural regions. We achieve this with smart infrastructure. Our integral approach ensures optimal use of space, sustainable water management and the future-proof development of nature.

Restoring nature also means connecting isolated nature reserves with their communities. To achieve this, we install ecological connecting zones.

With this form of landscaping, restoring nature is the primary goal. And, because we increase the value of nature, the recreational value is also increased. That is why we implement recreational measures in nearly every project. We create rest areas, bridges, cycling and walking routes.

Smart water management as a sustainable climate solution

Water management is a key pillar of our landscaping projects. We build water passageways and create nature-friendly embankments. With pond restoration, we allow the water to meander again. We give the water room to flow freely. We also create water storage basins.

We create such water basins as barrages, pumping stations and fish passages to control the water level and thereby prevent draught and floods. We return the natural balance in our ecosystem and recover the biodiversity lost.

Dredging and cleaning waterways

In many old Dutch streams, the water bed is contaminated. That is why we dredge and remediate (BRL7003) during many of our landscaping projects. We excavate the water bed, drain the contaminated clay and ship it to a processing location.


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Landscape design is one of our pillars that we focus on within Den Ouden. In the field of Infrastructure there are several pillars where we can unburden you. From the initiative phase via design, realization and management to exploitation.

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