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Concrete roads

Den Ouden concrete is an (inter)national specialist in the design and construction of concrete pavements.

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Laying concrete pavement is one of our specialities. We do this at an international scale. You will find us everywhere from Dublin to Saba! The possibilities with concrete are multi-faceted and low-maintenance. Den Ouden concrete road works can help you find sustainable and smart solutions. Together with the client, we often cover the design phase and implement quality improvement, integrability and a good price-quality ratio in order to be able to provide added value.

Sustainable and environment-friendly

Concrete paving is growing in popularity. Concrete is highly-resistant to heavy and intense traffic and remains perfectly-drivable over time. The forming of ruts and ridges is minimal. Concrete has a long lifespan and is recyclable and low-maintenance. Gnawing water and heavy traffic can sometimes lead to breaks in the pavement. This can be prevented by concrete pavement. Concrete pavement is a 'rigid' and stable construction that can stand the test of time and heavy traffic without becoming damaged. This makes concrete a sustainable solution. The damage that results from weather influences is virtually nil.

Concrete is also more environment-friendly by nature. The growth of weeds, for example, is minimal, which means no pesticides are required. We have the capacity to carry out all concrete works with our own equipment. This means we can guarantee the quality and keep costs low. Click here for more information about our infra activities

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