huizingalaan Eindhoven

INFRA - HOV Huizingalaan Refurbishment in Eindhoven

Read more about the refurbishment of the Huizingalaan in Eindhoven.

huizingalaan Eindhoven

About the project

Client: Gemeente Eindhoven  
Implementation period: April 2016 to July 2017


The HOV runway Huizingalaan is part of the HOV line that runs from WC Woensel to Ekkersrijt and from WC Woensel to Eindhoven Airport. The Huizingalaan is part of the network for high-quality public transport: HOV. The municipality of Eindhoven wanted to offer a good alternative to the car and therefore decided to build a network of separate bus lanes.Read more about

The work was carried out in ten phases, enabling a continuous flow of traffic to the south as well as the north. The east-west connection (Marathonloop – Huizingalaan – Hondsruglaan) also remained intact during the execution.

Access to the Achtse Barrier residential area also remained accessible by closing a maximum of one access road at a time. In addition, bicycle and pedestrian traffic has always found passage and buildings and institutions directly adjacent to the Castiliëlaan have always remained accessible.

“Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf B.V. in Schijndel has prepared, executed and delivered this project to full satisfaction and with a professional approach within the set period,” says the Municipality of Eindhoven sector RBT/VPR.

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