bromtol Oosterhout den ouden groep

Reconstruction roundabout de Bromtol Oosterhout

A wonderful project in which the original roundabout de Bromtol in Oosterhout has been replaced by a new five-arm turbo roundabout with bicycle tunnel.


A very nice project where the realization agreement for the reconstruction of the roundabout de Bromtol was signed on September 21, 2020 by the Municipality of Oosterhout and Den Ouden Groep. In this project, the original roundabout has been replaced by a five-arm turbo roundabout with a bicycle tunnel. The artwork, designed by Piet Hohmann, has also been restored. The total contract price for the realization of the project was approximately €4,100,000. In the past year, the municipality of Oosterhout and Den Ouden Groep worked together in a construction team to draw up the Implementation Design. During a walk-in evening, they presented this design at the town hall and answered the questions of those interested. Since October last year, Den Ouden Groep has been busy setting up the depot and the chain site. From week 40, the preparatory work will start, such as the felling of trees and the relocation of cables and pipes.


The reason for the project is the increasing traffic pressure and unsafety on the current roundabout. The future five-stroke turbo roundabout will accommodate car traffic at Weststad and facilitate better traffic flow. The construction of a bicycle tunnel between Stelvenseweg and Technologieweg improves road safety: cyclists only have to cross once.


In addition to an improvement in traffic engineering, the project also paid attention to the use of sustainable materials. The use of concrete with less cement addition and reuse of released materials are examples of this.

For the ecology, a new fauna culvert will be installed under the Technology Road and fauna grids will be placed. In addition, it has been decided to realize a higher compensation of greenery in the new situation and Den Ouden Groep is creating a climate forest between the Weststadweg and the A59 to reduce CO2 in the area.


Den Ouden Groep constructed a temporary roundabout to ensure the accessibility and traffic flow of the intersection during construction. The construction of this temporary roundabout, which was to be located next to the current roundabout, was the first phase of implementation. On the first weekend of November 2020, traffic switched to the temporary roundabout. During the same weekend, the artwork was dismantled and moved to Siemerink in Geertruidenberg where it will be restored.

For the rest of this year and the beginning of 2021, Den Ouden Groep focused on renewing the roundabout and constructing the bicycle tunnel. The new roundabout was gradually put into use.


The project has now been completed and the De Bromtol artwork has been replaced on the new five-stroke turbo roundabout in Oosterhout. With the return of the artwork, the roundabout has been officially opened. The roundabout and bicycle tunnel are now fully in use. A very nice assignment that not only Den Ouden is proud of, but also which various interest groups are very satisfied with the result!

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