Vogelbuurt Antwerpen West

Reconstruction Vogelbuurt West Alphen aan den Rijn

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vogelbuurt alphen aan de rijn

About this project

Client: Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn

Implementation period: March 2019 to December 2019

Together with the residents of the Vogelbuurt West, the municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn wanted to create a beautiful and sustainable neighbourhood. In addition, with this project, the municipality wanted to bring the public space in the district back to the old ground level when the district was built, which had locally dropped to 30 cm due to settlements.

The assignment concerned the replacement of the current mixed sewer system for a newly separated DWA sewer and DIT (Drainage – Infiltration) and the reconstruction of the existing foundations, paving, greenery and all other elements in the public space. The pavement and sewerage have been brought back to the original construction level. This project has Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf B.V. designed and realized. It concerned an integrated contract (UAV-GC)” whereby we as Den Ouden were also responsible for the design, environmental management, project management and the permit process. In addition, the design was created with residents' participation, in which residents had a say in the design.

“Den Ouden Aannemingsbedrijf B.V. te Schijndel has prepared, executed and delivered this project to full satisfaction and with a professional approach within the stipulated period and in accordance with the EMVI plan” says Mr. R. Groeneveld of the Municipality of Alphen aan den Rijn.

More information? Please contact Bart Couwenberg: b.couwenberg@denoudengroep.com