renovatie fietspad den ouden

Renovation cycle path Sint-Oedenrode

The refurbishments and adjustments are intended to improve the quality of the cycle paths and improve road safety.


The cycling path on the Bobbenagelseweg has been completely overhauled in recent weeks. The nuisance serves a good purpose: the refurbishments and adjustments should improve the quality of the bicycle paths and road safety.

renovatie fietspad den ouden

About this project

Client: Meijerijstad Municipality

Execution period: September 2021

Cause of bad asphalt bike path

The current cycle path is now about five years old and has suffered serious damage from the tree roots of the poplars cut down in the spring of 2020. For example, after two years the asphalt was already pressed by poplars and it had to be repaired regularly since then. The cause of this problem is most likely that the stumps and roots of the poplars were not removed when the trees were harvested, they can sprout again. That is why it is necessary to replace the cycle path.

Construction team

To solve this problem, it was decided last year to set up a construction team. A construction team coordinates the entire project from design to aftercare. Because the client, contractor and engineering firm work together from the start, the contractor's knowledge of implementation is used during the design phase and an implementation-oriented design is jointly looked at.

At the end of 2020, the municipality of Meierijstad asked us to think along with the construction team. In the research phase with the construction team, it also emerged that not only the poplars but also the adjacent reed caused problems with the asphalt.


Various solutions were discussed with the construction team, ultimately deciding to replace the asphalt with concrete. The advantage of concrete is that it is many times stronger than asphalt and in addition, roots and reeds have little or no chance to grow through it. In addition, concrete has a longer lifespan and is maintenance-friendly. Co-2 reduced concrete DO 2.0 is also used.

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