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Den Ouden Organic

Processes green waste flows (green waste) into compost, wood fibre, biochar, tree bark, substrate material, tree substrate, organic fuel and raw materials for material purposes.

Our segments

Green solutions that focus on circularity

We, the Den Ouden Group want to contribute to a better world. Life on earth is highly dependent on the soil. Our goal is to create the healthiest, most fertile soil as possible. All our products and innovations are geared towards achieving this goal.

Den Ouden Organic achieves this by, for example, taking in and processing green waste flows at our 13 green locations. We are able to produce high-quality, renewable materials from these waste flows. Throughout the entire process, the maximum sustainable return is achieved at the lowest possible CO2 emission. This already begins with the trimming, cutting and/or lifting of the green waste and only ends when it has been converted into high-value, renewable materials. We make products such as compost, wood fibres, soil conditioners and soil cover.

Sustainable growth

Care for nature is at the heart of everything we do. This is why all our work activities are as sustainable as possible and have the lowest possible CO2 emission. This starts with offering green waste flows that have been maximally sorted. Our goal is to correctly separate the waste flows in order to limit any subsequent separation. This separation contributes to a healthier environment and a more efficient process which lowers costs. With this approach, we also minimise the CO2 emissions at our locations.

We also preside over an expansive and well-maintained machine park with modern lorry (crane) combinations. The material is implemented into our efficient and economic network of processing locations for green waste flows. The machines that process the green waste flows at these locations are environment-friendly thanks to their electronic and/or hybrid drives. This also ensures that less CO2 is emitted during processing.


Innovation starts with experience, creative expertise and being able to think outside the box. This ability is part of our DNA. We see, create and seize opportunities. The ongoing innovation at our company and in our products is the key to success. We also stimulate our subcontractors and suppliers to do the same in order to ensure that, together, we can offer better solutions. Together with our suppliers, subcontractors and our highly-capable and experienced employees we are able to find and implement innovative solutions.

The advantage of our organisation is that our expertise is not limited to only the (green) waste sector or the Dutch market. We are active in a range of fields at a global level. These fields include the production of (organic) raw materials and building materials for the agriculture, horticulture and road works sectors, off-shore industry, road and water works, utilities, green recycling and area development. Thanks to these broad activities, our organisation benefits from a kind of cross-pollination that occurs between the disciplines. This cross-pollination forms the feeding ground for our innovation which in turn, leads to new products, cleaner and more efficient working methods and fewer waste flows.