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Investing in a biobased economy
Deforestation, air pollution, extreme drought, rising temperatures on land and in the sea. The earth is slowly exhausted. And there are 150 million tons of plastic floating in the sea. As a result, millions of animals die every year. The plastic eventually falls apart into smaller and smaller pieces. Which are extremely poisonous. Via marine animals, our drinking water, and the air, they finally end up in our body.

These are developments that cause us great concern. Sustainability is our second nature. And innovation is in our DNA. This combination ensures that we are at the forefront of the biobased economy. With this we want to contribute to a future-proof world.

Four Rs of sustainability
Sustainability revolves around four basic principles: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Renew. In other words: Reduce the volumes you use (reduce). Reuse materials where possible (reuse). Choose recycled materials, or materials that you can recycle (recycle). And look for renewable materials (renew). And that is precisely what we have been doing for more than twenty years. In our world there is no waste. Circularity is the starting point.


A transition partner who fully guides your transition to new raw materials
Natural resources, such as fossil fuels and minerals, are finite. And the consequences of its extraction and use are disastrous for nature and the environment. A complete switch to new, local, renewable raw materials is the only solution. As a chain partner of the government and the business community, we are working on this extremely crucial raw materials transition.

Reduce your CO2 footprint with local, biobased soil improvers
If necessary, we create a fertile field in the desert. We optimize soil life and biodiversity with our high-quality soil improvers. The RHP compost that we produce from green residual flows is the highest quality compost on the market. We make Biochar from residual wood. A wood fiber as a peat substitute for the substrate market, with which we store CO2 in the ground. We replace it with a fiber made from tree bark. All locally sourced. And therefore of great influence on the reduction of your CO2 footprint.

Raw materials and semi-finished products for new material applications
A Christmas ball made of pine needles. Grass paper and cardboard. 3D printing thread, plastic, and leather from leaves. Composite sheet material based on natural fibres. For us it is not future music, but daily reality. Because for us, innovation is a continuous process. And we steer this completely based on the wishes of the market. Because the manufacturing industry really wants to become more sustainable. And bring green end products to the market. But without sacrificing quality.

Market needs drive sustainable innovation in the chain
Raw materials and semi-finished products for material applications must exactly meet the requested specifications. Because we look for the right green residual flows and associated technology for a manufacturer's specifications. We innovate based on need. As market leader, we dispose of enormous volumes of green residual flows every year. As a result, we always have the right green residual flow and the quantity requested at our disposal. It is the guarantee of quality and hassle-free scaling. And that makes us a partner that offers you delivery security. Every day again.


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