Biovin liquid

High energy fertilizer for extra vitality


Fragile or young plants require balanced but high-energy nutrition. PHC Biovin Liquid is an organic and high-energy extract of humified grape residue. The conversion results in a composition of natural and effective growth hormones (auxin) and organic plant nutrients. Phytonutrients in PHC Biovin liquid stimulate the systemic defence systems of plants and support healthy plant growth. For example, certain acids are instrumental in activating defence mechanisms in the event of an attack by pathogens. The low salt and chloride content makes this an excellent fertiliser for sensitive crops such as sprouts, cuttings or fruit crops. The high content of simple carbon and are an important source of energy for, among others, rhizobacteria and fungi in the soil.

Product advantages

  • Clean and odourless
  • Completely homogeneous
  • Rich in phytonutrients
  • Food source for rhizobacteria
  • Reduces nitrate levels
  • Ideal for sensitive crops
  • Increases plant resistance
  • Contributes to improving soil structure


Apply from first complete leaf development. Mix with 200 litres of water/ha. Spray the prepared product within 4-6 hours.


Substrate cultivation (rock wool, coconut): 0.1 - 0.3 % throughout the entire cultivation cycle

Cuttings unrooted: 0.33 % weekly

Rooted cuttings: 0.2 % weekly

Sprouts: 0.2% weekly

Soft fruit crops: 0.2 - 0.4 % weekly

Foliar application: 0.2 % weekly

Use in combination with other (PHC) products

PHC Biovin Liquid can be used with all PHC fertilisers, PHC mycorrhiza products and PHC plant enhancers. The use of Biovin and Fulvic 25 enhances the effect of PHC Biovin Liquid.


Sumified grape extract: 100


Total dry matter: 0,6 %

Ash residue: 0,3 %

Organic matter: 0,3 %

pH value: 7,3

Amino acids: 4-6

Density: 1 kg/l

EC: 288 microSiemens/cm

For further product information, please refer to the technical data sheet (download on this page).
As with all organic materials, the analysis may vary by 15%.



PHC Biovin Liquid is an organic fertiliser and approved for use in organic farming according to EU Regulation 834/2007 and NOP. Permitted Input by Soil Association. For actual listings see also,,

Packaging, transport & storage

PHC Biovin Liquid is supplied in 1000 litre IBCs and 20 litre jerry cans. Store closed, dry and frost-free.
Shelf life: at least 2 years.

Health and safety information

Not intended for ingestion. Wash hands after use. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Plant Health Cure sells the product PHC Biovin Liquid. When using follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. We do not guarantee the suitability of the product outside of its originally intended use. Plant Health Cure is only obliged to replace products that do not comply with the specifications. Suggestions for use and information on results from the use of the product obtained from the manufacturer may be considered reliable. Because Plant Health Cure cannot control the conditions of use, the buyer/user is responsible for all results, including injury or damage, resulting from the use of this product alone or in combination with other materials. Keep out of reach of children.

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