Turf Saver

Athletes perform best on healthy turf


Turf Saver has been developed for the construction of greens, sports fields and lawns. The composition contains pure spores of four different endo-mycorrhizal species, a starting fertiliser and bacteria for the root environment. These bacteria have been specially selected for fixing nitrogen, chelating elements and breaking down organic material.

Mycorrhizal symbiosis is an essential requirement for the healthy growth and vigour of almost all grass species. The fungal threads of mycorrhizae increase the physical absorption capacity of plants by an average of 700%. This means that significantly less water needs to be given and fertiliser can be used efficiently. The fungal threads are also able to grow in the most delicate soil pores to extract the scarce nutrients for plants. Use of mycorrhiza is visible in vegetative growth, grass health, accelerated recovery of turf and better load-bearing capacity.

Product benefits


  • Better start of turf
  • Increases taxability
  • Faster recovery of grass
  • Improves the root environment
  • Effecient use of fertilisers
  • Increases abiotic stress tolerance
  • Fewer weeds
  • Optimal soil for top-class sports

For the installation of turf, sports fields and greens, combined use with Biovin (10 kg/100 m2) is recommended. First scarify existing fields generously. Then distribute Turf Saver in combination with sand as topdressing. Then work in with a broom. Consult your product representative for customised advice.


Grass sod: 5 kg/100 m²

Sports fields sowing: 5 kg/100 m²

To create greens: 5 kg/100 m²

Treat existing fields: 10 kg/100 m²


Use in combination with other (PHC) products

Turf Saver can be used with all PHC fertilizers and PHC plant enhancers. Application of Fulvic 25 and Yuccah enhances the effect of Turf Saver. Supportive fertilization with OPF Granules gives the best and healthy results.


VA-Mycorrhiza spores: 0,3 %

Rhizo-bacteria preparation: 3 %.

Organic fertiliser: 49,74 %.

Humic acid powder (Leonardite): 18 %.

Seaweed extract: 16 %.

Fulvic powder (Leonardite): 10 %.

Maltodextrin: 0,15 %

Formononetin: 0,01 %

Inert ingredients: 2,80

For further product information, please refer to the technical data sheet (download on this page).
As with all organic materials the analysis may deviate by 15%.



Turf Saver is a biostimulant.


Packaging, transport & storage

Turf Saver is supplied in 10 kg boxes. Product attracts moisture. Store dry, frost-free and out of direct sunlight.
Shelf life: 2 years.

Health and safety information

Not intended for ingestion. Wash hands after use. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Plant Health Cure sells the product Turf Saver. When using follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. We do not guarantee the suitability of the product outside of its originally intended use. Plant Health Cure is only obliged to replace products that do not comply with the specifications. Suggestions for use and information on results from the use of the product obtained from the manufacturer may be considered reliable. Because Plant Health Cure cannot control the conditions of use, the buyer/user is responsible for all results, including injury or damage, resulting from the use of this product alone or in combination with other materials. Keep out of reach of children.

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