westelijke langstraat bodac

Explosives detection Westelijke Langstraat Waalwijk


Between Waalwijk and Waspik is a special nature reserve, namely Westelijke Langstraat. A protected Natura 2000 area and valuable landscape with a lot of nature and cultural history. Dehydration and pollution by nitrogen affect nature in the Westelijke Langstraat. In the coming years, new nature will be developed and existing nature and landscape will be preserved and restored. One of the measures is a higher and stable water level, so that more clean seepage water remains in the area.

westelijke langstraat bodac

Detect Explosive War Remnants Bodac

During the preparatory work, the area was investigated for the presence of explosive remnants of war (OO), commissioned by the Brabantse Delta water board. This is done by performing a passive non-real-time surface detection. The soil is scanned with a moving vehicle and the data is read out at a later time. The data from this detection have been analyzed by us and interpreted on values ​​in accordance with the OO expected on site. A total of approximately 4,000 significant objects were identified. The objects are approached and removed on behalf of the contractor combination Martens and Van Oord – Van der Ven. Approaching these objects has started in week 12, 2021. An area where excavation will take place for waterways has not yet been investigated. This part will be investigated in the coming period by additionally performing detection and approaching it if necessary. All our work is carried out in accordance with the standards as laid down by law in the CS-OOO.

Environmental communication

The project can be followed in the BouwApp under 'natuur ontwikkeling Westelijke Langstraat' and via the site of the water board: www.brabantsedelta.nl/westelijkelangstraat. Updates of the work, photos and videos will be posted here. Finally, for safety reasons, it is advised not to come near during the work.

The initiators of this project are: Brabantse Delta Water Board, North Brabant Province, State Forest Management and Waalwijk Municipality

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