granaatontploffing afsluitdijk

Safety first: 3.7-inch grenade defused at the Afsluitdijk


While securing the soil around the Afsluitdijk, we came across a number of striking finds. It concerns various grenade shells, a 7.5 cm high-explosive armor grenade (German) and 4 times a 3.7-inch grenade! You can read below where and how they are used.

The 3.7-inch gun was a British anti-aircraft gun used by various countries during WWII. The 3.7-inch grenades were equipped with mechanical detonators to detonate after a certain number of seconds after firing.

First, it was determined how high an aircraft flew. The timers were set based on that height. The grenade was then fired and the aircraft was damaged by extreme shrapnel action and brought down. Finally, the 3.7-inch gun was also used against unarmored targets and unprotected troops. The video below shows how we defused the grenade together with the Explosive Ordnance Disposal Service (EOD). This makes the Netherlands a bit safer again!

Watch the video here

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