vliegtuigwrak Niedorp

What is left of the aircraft wreckage Nieuwe Niedorp?

Read the story of what is left of the Niedorp plane wreckage after it was raised above the ground.

vliegtuigwrak nieuwe niedorp

Plane wreck Nieuwe Niedorp

What is left of the bomber in Nieuwe Niedorp that will be raised above the ground in the Kostverlorenpolder in the coming month? What will the salvors find? That question is on the mind of many who are interested in the subject.

The Noord-Hollands Dagblad interviewed Hans Middelveld from 't Veld and wrote an article about this. He grew up with stories about a bomber that had crashed into the Beemster. His father often talked about it. You could speak of an infection in view of the newspaper clippings, photos, books, etc. that Middelveld junior has collected about plane crashes from the Second World War. The excavation work of the aircraft wreck in Nieuwe Niedorp has now started, to which Bodac has also made a nice contribution.

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