Herinrichting kom Erp

Refurbishment N616 Erp

Read more about the refurbishment of the N616 Erp.

Herinrichting kom Erp

About this project

Client: Municipality of Meierijstad

Implementation period: March 2019 to January 2021

On behalf of the municipality of Meierijstad, Den Ouden Groep has carried out the "Redesign bowl Erp". This work involved an N-road that was tackled over a length of 4 km. Construction structures and surfacing are vibration- and sound-absorbing, so that local residents experience less nuisance from freight traffic. Thanks to our phasing, we were able to keep adjacent companies with frequent transports fully accessible. Important features of the new road are: maximum speed of 50 km/h, retention of the existing priority regulation, no barriers and the use of noise-resistant pavement. In the context of climate adaptation, a water storage and infiltration system has also been realized under the road surface of 7800 m3. Plants have also been added. Durability Attention was paid to sustainability on all fronts, both during the construction phase and during use and management. In addition, extra attention is paid to the accessibility and accessibility of the facilities in the basin and to limiting the nuisance for residents and entrepreneurs.

More information? Please contact Bart Couwenberg: b.couwenberg@denoudengroep.com

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