Biovin Powder

Organic soil improvement agent - the basis for every healthy crop


The organic basis of Biovin consists of the remnants that remain after pressing grapes (must). The humification of the grape residue results in a product with organic plant nutrients and many useful micro-organisms. These include the important nitrogen-fixing bacteria (actinomycetes) and SAR microbes (Systemic Aquired Resistance). These ensure an increased resistance.

Since 1974, at least 45 tests have been carried out under the scientific supervision of various research stations and government and university research companies. All the results show that Biovin promotes the absorption of mineral fertilisers and prevents the leaching of nitrates. The nitrates are converted back into ammonium nitrogen for the benefit of the plants. With the application of Biovin, large savings can be made on the use of (artificial) fertilisers and leaching can be reduced.

Product benefits


  • Contains essential bacteria and fungi
  • Positive effect on the ecosystem in the potting soil
  • Positive effect on plant growth
  • Positive effect on the quality of the harvest
  • Easily miscible
  • Large variety of trace elements
  • Guaranteed free of weeds
  • Prevents high nitrate levels in plants and soil

For the recovery of plots in poor (bio) condition, an additional dosage is necessary. Please consult your product representative for tailor-made advice.

Container cultivation
Biovin mixed with potting compost in combination with MiniPlug or VA Cocktail (mycorrhiza)

Spread 10 kg Biovin per 100m² and mycorrhiza VA Cocktail or Pt-spores. Roughen, finish and sow or plant the seedbed.

Planting of trees/shrubs
Mix 100 g - 1 kg Biovin into the soil to fill in the planting hole.

Lawn (sports fields, golf courses)
Mix Biovin with Dress sand. Sprinkle 10 kg/100 m² in March and September.


Container cultivation: 3 kg per m³

Fruit & vegetables: 600 kg/ha

Greens: 80-100 g/m²

Full-field application: 400 kg/ha

Rows application: 200 kg/ha


Use in combination with other (PHC) products

Biovin can be used with all PHC fertilisers, PHC bacterial products and PHC mycorrhizal products. Application of Biovin liquid enhances the effect of Biovin. The use of artificial fertilisers, fungicides and biocides is shown in a different light by an active soil and root environment.


Ingredient Percentage

Cumulated grape extract: 100 %.

pH value: 7,31

Density: 0,77 kg/l

Dry matter: >70 %

Organic matter: >45 %

Ash: 9.7

Calorific value (energy): 10.000 mj/kg

For further product information, please refer to the technical datasheet (downloadable on this page).
As with all organic materials, the analysis may deviate by 15%.



Biovin is an organic biostimulant and permitted for use in organic farming according to EU Regulation 834/2007 and NOP. Approved input by Soil Association. Exemption Belgium: EM018.T, Cumulated grape must. For actual listings see also and

Packaging, transport & storage

Biovin is supplied in bags of 20 kg (40 bags per pallet = 800 kg), and in BigBags of 600 kg. Store in a dry, frost-free place out of direct sunlight. Wet material can clog up the machine.
Shelf life: at least 2 years.

Health and safety information

Not intended for ingestion. Wash hands after use. Wear protective clothing and respiratory protection (fitted with a P3 dust filter) when loading/using this product. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Plant Health Cure sells the Biovin® product. When using it, carefully follow the instructions on the packaging. We do not guarantee the suitability of the product outside of its originally intended use. Plant Health Cure is only obliged to replace products that do not comply with the specifications. Suggestions for use and information on results from the use of the product obtained from the manufacturer may be considered reliable. Because Plant Health Cure cannot control the conditions of use, the buyer/user is responsible for all results, including injury or damage, resulting from the use of this product alone or in combination with other materials. Keep out of reach of children.

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