Essential for the best grass performance


PHC Flexx is a soluble biostimulant for improving the quality of grass. The combination with PHC Myconate stimulates the native mycorrhiza for symbiosis with the turf. Yucca extract ensures better permeability so that the chelated fertiliser can easily reach the plant roots. The rhizobacteria have been specially selected for the fixation of nitrogen, the release of phosphate, an increase in the chlorophyll content and the breakdown of organic materials. Subsequently, fulvic acid ensures the mobilisation of elements to the plant and the stabilisation of cell membranes.

Product benefits

  • Promotes a deep and extensive root system
  • Reduces algae growth and black layer
  • Speeds up recovery after damage or heavy use
  • Promotes soil fertility
  • Improves green colour without length growth
  • Improves mycorrhizal colonisation
  • Prevents soil compaction
  • Increases tolerance to drought and heat stress

Colonisation of mycorrhiza and rhizobacteria restores the utilisation of roots and improves stress tolerance. Butyric acid, among other things, ensures new root formation and (rapid colonisation for) healthy plant growth. Microbiology restores the essential biology for plants. Mycorrhiza increase the plant's absorption range, improve nutrient density and water dependence.

Dissolve and mix in 200-400 litres of water per hectare. Spray prepared product within 4-6 hours. Do not mix with pesticides. May be applied in combination with plant fertilisers. For recovery of plots in poor (bio) condition an additional dosage may be necessary. Consult your product representative for customised advice.


New turf (7/14 days after installation): 8 kg/ha

Sowing/seeding on(After germination): 8 kg/ha

Restoration Dosage(Once only): 16 kg/ha

Maintenance Dosage(Monthly, as needed): 4 kg/ha

Use in combination with other (PHC) products

PHC Flexx can be used with all PHC fertilisers, PHC mycorrhiza products and PHC plant enhancers. The use of Fulvic 25 enhances the effect of PHC Flexx.


Rhizobacteria: 3 %

Organic fertilisers: 78,55

Maltodextrin: 7,2 %

Seaweed extract: 4,1 %

Fulvic/humic acids: 3 %

Yucca extract: 1,8 %.

Formononetin (PHC Myconate): 0,15 %

Inert ingredients: 2,2 %

For further product information, please refer to the technical data sheet (downloadable on this page).
As with all organic materials the analysis may vary by 15%.



PHC Flexx contains natural biostimulants.

Packaging, transport & storage

PHC Flexx is supplied in a 4 kg bag. Product absorbs moisture. Store closed, dry and frost-free.
Shelf life: 2 years.

Health and safety information

Not intended for ingestion. Wash hands after use. In case of accident or if you feel unwell, seek medical advice. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.


Plant Health Cure sells the product PHC Flexx. When using follow the instructions on the packaging carefully. We do not guarantee the suitability of the product outside of its originally intended use. Plant Health Cure is only obliged to replace products that do not comply with the specifications. Suggestions for use and information on results from the use of the product obtained from the manufacturer may be considered reliable. Because Plant Health Cure cannot control the conditions of use, the buyer/user is responsible for all results, including injury or damage, resulting from the use of this product alone or in combination with other materials. Keep out of reach of children.

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